The president of the republic has signed a series of decrees, the first reorganising the government and the second, appointing officials to posts of responsibility.

The President of the Republic has signed a series of decrees, the first reorganizing the Government and the second, appointing officials to posts of responsibility.

In these decrees, individuals of the English Speaking Regions, have been appointed into key ministerial positions.

In the presidential decree signed on 2 March 2018 by Paul Biya, Nalova Lyonga Pauline Egbe, Dion Ngute, and Atanga Nji Paul occupy posts in the Ministry of Secondary education, special duties at the presidency, and the Ministry of Territorial Administration respectively.

It was so striking to note that Dr Nalova as well as Atanga Nji Paul were appointed to key positions that no Anglophone had ever occupied in Cameroon.

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Dr Nalova takes over from Jean Ernest Ngale Bibehe at the Ministry of Secondary Education, who goes to the Ministry of Transport to replace Alain Mebe Ngo’o, whereas Antanga Nji Paul is now the Minister of Territorial Administration.

George Ewane, while passing on the information over the CRTV, said the President had heard the cry of Anglophones and given them positions which they have never occupied before; a point which many North westerners and South westerners do not share as they say it’s too late.

Some ministers who are at loggerheads with a good number of Cameroonian citizens have been maintained like, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, Jacque Fame Ndongo and Laurent Esso. The Prime minister has equally not been shaken.

Other Ministers appointed include;

Minister of the Economy, planning and Regional- Alamine Ousmane Mey

Minister of water Resources and energy- Eloundou Essomba  Gaston

Minister in charge of decentralisation and local development- Elanga Obama George

Minister of Forest and Fauna- Ndongo Jules Doret

Minister of public service and administrative reforms Le Joseph

Minister of Finance- Motaze Louis Paul

Minister delegate at the ministry of the economy planning and regional development in charge of planification-Paul Tasong

Minister of Transport- Ngale Bibehe Massina Jean Ernest

Minister Delegate at the Ministry of external Relations in charge of cooperation with the common wealth- Mbayu Felix

Minister delegate at the ministry of finance Youba Abdoulaye

Secretary of state at the ministry of public works -Armand Njoudom

Secretary of State at the Ministry of defence in charge of the gendarmerie- Etoga Yves Laundry

Minister in charge of Special duties at the presidency-Sadi Rene and Dion Ngute

Director of Civil Cabinet- Mvondo Samuel

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