Once gain, the President of the Republic H. E. President Paul Biya, has demonstrated his mastery of state issues. In his address to the Youths, he availed himself in different portfolios.

Once gain, the President of the Republic H. E. President Paul Biya, has demonstrated his mastery of state issues. In his address to the Youths, he availed himself in different portfolios.

First of all, as Head f State, he explained to the youths the impediments that have halted our economic growth. These situations include the war against the Boko Haram sect in the far north of our country, the seleka rebels in our eastern border, coupled with the current socio political crisis in the northwest and southwest regions.

Despite the existence of these problems, the Head of State said the government is working very had in meeting the goals of the Cameroonian people more especially the youths. He praised the effort of our soldiers in handling the aforementioned problems, especially the young soldiers. As Commander in Chief, i think this encouragement is very vital at this point in time owing to the tremendous job our men and women in uniform are doing in securing the National Territory.

As far as economic prospect is concerned, the Head of State was very enthusiastic that projects such as the Kribi deep sea port, the Memvele and Lom Panga dams, will create more employment to our youths when they fully go operational.

Like a square peg in a square hole, the three year special youth plan has proven that president Paul Biya is a very clairvoyant leader. The three years special youth plan has already transformed the lives of over five hundred thousand youths.

Education is the catalyst to any meaningful and sustainable development. The Head of State is very conscious of this reality. That is why he said the government has established professional higher institutions in all the ten regions of the country. What I also find very important in this action is that education has been made accessible to all and sundry because not all parents had the means to send their children to study out of their regions of origin

As far as international support is concerned, the President said the AU- EU summit that took place in Abidjan was focused on education, training and modernization of agriculture. For the fact that he personally attended this summit, proves a man who is ready to exploit all the avenues to ameliorate the living conditions of the Cameroonian youths.

In his portfolio as a moral instructor which also confirms him as a caring and loving father, he has called on the youths to be very responsible in their use of social media. He told us to be patriotic by respecting State Institutions and hierarchy. The bed rock of the state is built on the youths.

The President has expressed his wish to see the Cameroonian youths rise up to the task. He discouraged dangerous migration that so many of our youths have indulged in but came out to be counter productive. The President invited them to be part of the part of the process of building Cameroon to a more prosperous country by 2035. This without any doubts proofs a father who wants the best for all his children without any exceptions. ¨

As a sports man, he has challenged all the youths to be a contributor to the success of the hosting of AFCON 2019. A special call was for the actor’s themselves to be up to the task of making the country proud once again.

Lastly, as a general mobiliser, the Head of State has sounded the warning bell inviting the Youths to be part of the political process in our country. Most often we the youths complain of bad governance forgetting to know that the power of our votes can change all of that.

2018 therefore gives us a singular opportunity to be masters of our own destinies. An in-depth look at government actions and projections, I am tempted to say the president of the Republic H.E. President Paul Biya, is already doing a lot for the Youths of Cameroon.

As he rightly said the economic growth of the country is not the sole responsibility of the government but it has to be an inclusive effort. It will be therefore needless to ask all the time what your country has done for you but sometimes, we should also examine ourselves and ask what we have done in building Cameroon.

Ekema Emmanuel Likine,Political Sociologist, is the Political Editor of Cameroon News Today-CNT.