A Cameroonian has been accused by a lady from the Philippines of scamming her FCFA One million in the Month of November 2017.

A Cameroonian has been accused by a lady from the Philippines of scamming her FCFA One million in the Month of November 2017.

The story goes that 26 years old, Leah May TOMBOCON, last October 31 contacted a Facebook page “Parrots and eggs for sale” a visibly credible platform which sales a pair of male and female parrots for just 200$.

The Filipino is promised that the delivery company known as Mega Star Logistic will deliver the parrots at her doorstep.

Following the Facebook chat, Leah in less than a month will receive close to 25 apparently very professional emails.

The said emails having the necessary administrative touch aimed at triggering immediate confidence to the receiver emanates from a certain Mega Star Logistics. A company specialised in selling pets and parrots.

Emails reveal that the company has an insurance department, a customer service and a head office found in the “state of littoral, city of Douala, postal code 00237, Country USA”

Mega Star Logistics will later on ask Leah to perform all payments to a certain KNORRISHDOCK MUSORO NJI.

Throughout November 2017, the young lady ignorant of the visible and clear scamming technique will engage into making eight Western Union transactions to Musoro Nji resident in Douala, Cameroon.

Through Western Union, the Cameroonian will receive a total of FCFA897, 000 from Leah. “After making the last payment, I was blocked from the page egg and parrot for sale, they stopped replying to my emails, its then I realized it was a scam”.

Cameroon News Today-CNT was contacted by the lady pleading for help and assistance “I feel like committing suicide, please sir, I’m begging, I borrowed the money to start a parrot sales business, now he wants to jail me if I don’t refund the money. My mother just because of this is at the hospital (shows video), my family is poor sir, please help me”.

Touched by the above declaration a thorough investigation will be performed by the Investigations Unit of CNT.

These investigations will lead to a certain Rooney De Holder, a young Cameroonian of English expression who lives in the city of Douala. “I’m not behind the scam, I could not do that. Some weeks ago my phone was stolen in a taxi, I am sure the guy who stole the phone used my sim card to perform the scam, it’s just three days ago that I found back my phone, I’m a victim too”

Following this phone call, and unaware the Facebook account carrying his phone number was already consulted,   the young Cameroonian answering to the name, Rooney will immediately delete the Facebook account carrying the name Rooney De Holder.

It’s worth noting that the said Facebook account was associated to a phone number obtained from one of the emails sent to Leah.

Just like Leah, many people both in Cameroon and abroad are victims of an ever improving scamming technique, a practice which has jeopardised the future of many families.

Scamming is punishable by the Cameroonian law and that’s why the government created the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC), an institution specialised in investigating complains of scamming from all over the country.

Leah May, “feels like committing suicide”. The bread winner for a family of eight pleads her money should be refunded by KNORRISHDOCK MUSORO NJI, an individual visibly part of a well structured team of Cameroonian Scammers.

She warns that judicial proceedings will be initiated if the said money is not refunded.

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